heyyyy I remember you!



Well its been a long time since I have graced these pages and life has a a lot to do with that. I have been studying hard and am currently on my holidays so have a little extra time, which funnily enough is being taken up with more things to do as well.

Last time I was on I was talking about doing a party for my youngest one and tossing up themes etc. Well, we decided to go with a Beach Party theme. I will include a couple of pins that I chose to try out…

Note to users wanting to try the blue lagoon lemonade with gummy fishes? yeah don’t. Unless you are more than willing to clean the dispenser after, or hire someone to do it. It was such a pain to get clean, the gummies went all soggy and ended up a hazy slimy mess… yeah not pretty.

Other than that, it has been study  and life as a mum as per usual. I did have a little fun at halloween but nothing dramatic as we were so unprepared for it all. Actually that seems to sum up my entire, Unprepared For Errything!

I’ll follow on another post of things that I have been doing with Study and the like, I’m still enjoying it immensely though!

I tried to make these – Bacon wrapped Pineapple cubes, however.. for me, they ended up as a huge soggy mess. I’m guessing if I had bigger pineapple and better bacon it would’ve worked a hell of a lot better.

These little cuties were devine! The kids demolished them in an instant… Teddy Bear Cupcakes

And finally, these were a HUUUGGEEE hit, and oh so much fun to make! Oyster Biscuits however, do not and I repeat do not drop the box containing the pearls. Chaos ensues!





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